Dental and gum care that can be done at home

Dental and gum health is closely related to general bodily health. Untreated teeth and gums can increase the risk of diseases, such as lung infections and coronary heart disease. Many people are unaware of this risk and neglect oral health, even though dental and gum care can be done easily at home. Just like other areas of the body, the mouth is also filled with bacteria. Healthy habits such as brushing your teeth regularly can keep bacteria in check. However, brushing your teeth is not enough. Routine care is needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. Various Diseases Due to Not Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums Dental and gum health is often considered trivial. Even though it can interfere with appearance, teeth and gums that are problematic and not handled properly can be fatal to overall body health. Infection that occurs in the teeth or gums can spread into other body tissues, such as the jaw and neck. Diseases caused not only related to oral health, but also the health of oth
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